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I'm a second-year PhD student in the research training program (Graduiertenkolleg) `Interaction of Grammatical Building Blocks' (IGRA).


I am currently working on non-transitive morpheme orderings in agglutinating languages. 


Other research interests are: Neg-Raising (typological variation and theoretical modelling), the syntax of German and its dialects and hierarchy effects in verbal agreement. I'm also interested in segmental phonology.



Hobbies: My family, football (active & passive), my bike, travelling to Scandinavia




Marie-Luise Popp

Department of Linguistics (IGRA)

University of Leipzig

Post address: Beethovenstr. 15

Office address: Beethovenstr. 31

D-04107 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 39797

Mail: marie_luise.popp at uni-leipzig.de

My latest article just appeared in Glossa!





There are several options to express possessive relations in German, one of them is the construction using a possessor introduced by the preposition von (‘of’). In non-standard German, these possessive PPs may occur before or after the possessee. However, this is not the case with possessees in dative case or after prepositions. In this case, the possessee obligatorily precedes its possessive PPs. In this paper, we will show that a feature-driven movement approach can derive the restrictions imposed on this construction by assuming a [•P•] on D. This feature can be checked either by merging a higher P or by moving a lower PP. The general constraint Merge-over-Move prefers the former whenever possible. Thus, the construction becomes sensitive to PPs as well as dative DPs, which both block movement to SpecDP.




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