Popp, M.-L., & Tebay, S. E. (2019). No possessor inversion in German PPs. Glossa: A Journal of General Linguistics, 4(1), 16. DOI: 

Popp, Marie-Luise. 2013. Parametrisierter Merkmalsabgleich und das Hauptsondenprinzip. In Fabian Heck & Anke Assmann (eds.), Rule Interaction in Grammar. Linguistische Arbeitsberichte 90. 333-361. Leipzig: Institut für Linguistik

MA Thesis

Popp, Marie-Luise. 2016. NEG-Raising in crosslinguistic perspective. Master Thesis, University of Leipzig. (to be edited)


Everyone is a foreigner - somewhere.

Every racist is an asshole - everywhere.

Proceedings papers

Popp, Marie-Luise. Why high vowels are not always high vowels. (to appear in Proceedings of NELS49)



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